This blog is all about my nail polishes. You'll find a list of my polishes and swatches to all of them.
Also some of them have been already worn full handed, you'll find a link to the pictures in the list on the right sidebar.

Everytime I add a new polish, you can see that right under the navigation bar, where you can choose the colours you want to see.
The polishes are arranged according to their colours, from light to dark.
Also you can see full manicures in the list (a click will send you to my other blog “Lu zieht an. ♥” where you’ll find the full mani) and
Special manicures like combinations of two lacquers or nail designs you can find
And of course there’s a SALE online where you can buy some of the shades I don’t use anymore or some that have never been worn. Just click

I hope you enjoy this blog! Have fun!